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    “Solutions Now” Workshop Approach

    solutionsnowcertParticipant-centered learning, without the pain of leadership training

    downloadCome to the workshop with your current problems and challenges, leave with practical solutions. Every “Solutions Now” workshop is a fun action-learning design that engages participants with activities and hands-on practice. Each workshop follows these 4 simple steps to solve problems or challenges:

    1. Analyze – Identify root cause of issues, not the symptoms. Calculate the monetary value of the solution.
    2. Design – Tools introduced, demonstrated and practiced.
    3. Apply – Practical, real-time solutions developed using the workshop tools. Plans established, resources identified and timelines defined.
    4. Measure – Feedback mechanisms and measurement systems created to ensure solution sustainment.


    Workshops are available in half-day, full-day and multi-day versions.

    People Development

    1. DISC: Discover your behavioral style, using a statistical validated assessment, to understand your natural talents and communication style. Learn proven techniques to enhance personal and professional, communication and relationship development to remove roadblocks for you and/or your team’s success. Learn more →
    2. Engagement and Motivating: Understand how to balance challenge and skills, match tasks that align to the employee’s value system increasing individual motivation, engagement levels and job satisfaction using a set of tools to achieve organizational goals. Learn more →
    3. Managing: Participate in an engaging and intensive management program designed to obtain breakthrough knowledge needed to achieve measurable results and long-term behavior change. (2 versions available; 1) one week long and 2) a 2-day). Learn more →
    4. Mentoring and Coaching: Effectively listen and deliver messages in a positive manner that fosters behavior change through long-term goals focused around personal and professional development. Learn more →
    5. Task Quotient™ (TQ™): Identify how the mixture of how routine, troubleshooting and project tasks contribute to your job satisfaction, empowerment, motivation and engagement. Using a statistical validated assessment, you will understand how to create or modify your blend and flow of daily activities to create the ideal work environment for you and/or your team. Learn more →
    6. Workplace Motivators/Values: Learn how the six foundational values that drive your behaviors and decisions. Using a statistical validated assessment, you will understand how to maximize your levels of motivation and engagement. Develop an approach to respect the motivators of colleagues or team members, while staying true to your personal value system. Learn more →

    Process Improvement

    Solutions Now™ Workshops (on-site or webinar) available in half-day, full-day and multi-day versions.

    1. Communicating: Define 6 sources of conflict and 5 methods for resolution; by using “I” messages aligned with personal communications styles to create positive relationships. Learn more →
    2. Critical Thinking and Risk Taking: Understand how to use critical and creative thinking skills in a scenario-based environment through application, discussion, and discovery. Apply a systems thinking approach to recognize dependencies to solve problems. Learn more →
    3. Decision-Making: Understand the different methods, models, cost/benefit analyses by applying a suite of 7 unique decision-making tools to rationally and intuitively optimize business results. Learn more →
    4. Facilitating: Understand the facilitation of a group event which defines and achieves objectives to meet measurable business results. Apply proven tools for communication, decision making, obtaining buy-in, and behavior interventions strategies for full participant engagement. Learn more →
    5. Goals and Objectives: Develop specific, measurable, accountable, realistic, and timely goals that align with higher-level objectives plus create a tracking tool to achieve significant results. Learn more →
    6. Leading Change with Purpose: Understand how to effectively navigate the 4 stages of change. Work within ambiguous environments using objective reframing to mobilize the organization. Apply the tools to develop solutions to gain buy-in to sustain positive change. Learn more →
    7. Managing Projects: Understand tools to execute the four foundations of management (planning, organizing, leading and controlling). Linkage of more than a dozen tools and practices with the focus on organizational performance and business results. Learn more →
    8. Meetings: Increase accountability, clarify roles and responsibilities, and ensure the right attendees are present to eliminate unnecessary meetings and reduce time spent. Learn more →
    9. Presenting: Plan, Develop and Delivery your presentation in a professional and compelling manner. Learn the necessary skills through video recording sessions so that your delivery looks and sounds the absolute best. Learn more →
    10. Problem Solving: Differentiate between problems and symptoms by using the right tools to solve the right problems to reduce unnecessary work, maximizing resources and return-on-investment. Learn more →
    11. Smart Delegation: Establish stakeholder roles, responsibilities, and prioritize tasks to create win-win solutions by aligning people’s talents and skills for full engagement and job satisfaction. Learn more →
    12. Visions & Missions: Apply analytic tools to evaluate current business environment and create a compelling vision and mission that aligns goals to achieve short-term results and long-term success. Learn more →

    Team Advancement

    Solutions Now™ Workshops (on-site or webinar) available in half-day, full-day and multi-day versions.

    1. Developing Teams: Identify current team development stage, leverage team member talent and skills, build a solid group identity, and create strong alliances with other organizations. Learn more →
    2. Leading Change: Lead teams, in a positive manner, through change and transition, by aligning people and SMART goals to organizational objectives for long-term growth and success. Learn more →
    3. Leading Globally: Understand how to lead global teams by developing an appreciation for cross-cultural diversity. Balance management practices and leadership styles to move teams to a high performing stage through motivation and collaboration. Learn more →
    4. Leading Teams: Balance management practices and leadership styles to move teams to a high performing stage by getting people to work together in a motivating global environment. Learn more →
    5. Matrix Management: Understand the tools and processes to matrix manage multiple levels of global stakeholders and peer organizations. Topics covered include, lines of communication, decision-making, sources of power and stakeholder roles. Learn more →
    6. Servant Leadership: Understand how Servant Leaders use to demonstrate genuine concern for others, improve interactivity, and reduce transactional activity. Inspire and empower followers to commit to higher-level goals in a collaborative manner. Learn more →
    7. Successful Team Building: Be able to identify stages of team development and become proficient in the 4 steps of analyzing, planning, applying and measuring the success of teambuilding. Learn more →

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