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    “The Leading Forward Academy was a Great Program! Learned a lot that has helped me improve my leadership skills and confidence. Highly recommend!”

    – Mariah Romero


    “Dr. Kevin Gazzara’s workshop was a great experience. I recommend Magna Leadership Solutions for leadership initiatives and building world-class teams.”

    – Pedro Cruz


    “The Magna Leading Forward training is excellent and provides simple, effective tools that can help any organization.”

    – John Kinser


    “I highly recommend this program. I have gained the knowledge and tools to become a better, more effective leader and how to grow a strong team. Kevin and Tim did a phenomenal job.”

    – Rosa Quinn


    “Magna Leadership Solutions is great! Kevin and Tim do a tremendous job facilitating training in areas of leadership that are applicable and relevant in today’s business culture. Each session I was able to pick up a skill or technique that could be immediately applied. I would highly recommend working with Magna Leadership Solutions, LLC.”

    – Brian Barry


    “Highly recommend this company. I attended the Leadership training with Kevin, and it was great! The course was very dynamic, easy to understand and with a lot of concepts to use at work and in your day-to-day life.”

    – Ana Carranco


    “The programs thru Magna Leadership are top-notch. Kevin and his team have a wealth of knowledge and apply it in a very thoughtful way to teach others. The materials are provided in a way that allows people to truly practice the learnings, so that the program has an impact on their lives long-term.”

    – Leslie Cole


    “Magna Leadership Solutions handles the leadership training for the Emerging Leaders program at the Arizona Bankers Association. We are currently in the middle of our second year with the second class of thirty emerging leaders in the Arizona banking industry. The evaluations of the first-year class were overwhelmingly positive. The word of mouth among the current class has been the same. And our bank CEOs have been effusive in their thanks to us for giving them back bank executive leaders who are more efficient and effective; and can handle more direct reports. We can’t thank Dr. Gazzara and his team enough. Paul Hickman, President & CEO, Arizona Bankers Association.”

    – Paul Hickman


    “Kevin and his team are exceptional and true experts in the field! I completed Magna’s Leading Forward Academy, and each session provided me with practical tools to address common and uncommon leadership challenges. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone looking to take their leadership to the next level!”

    – Mark Phillips


    “The leadership skills I learned as a Bank Executive has been so valuable. I would learn new tools and implement them immediately. All the training and coaching is new information and best in class management and leadership skills. I highly recommend this company because the information applies to all industries, and it applies to all managers and leaders regardless of years in that position.”

    – Realty Cutter


    “I am very impressed with the AzBA Emerging Leaders program. The customized approach to delivering Magna Leadership’s Lead with Purpose program is what makes all of the difference. Not a moment of time away from the office feels wasted for these up-and-coming leaders in community banking in Arizona. The investment has a tremendous ripple effect, and the value is put into practice after just one session. I spent 20 years implementing various leadership development programs and can honestly say that Kevin and Tim are the very best at what they do.”

    – Kerensa Williams


    “Kevin Gazzara presented to 30 members of the Cleantech Open’s organizing committee at an event in Phoenix. We were thoroughly impressed by his friendly, straightforward, practical approach and clear, compelling presentation style. The content was amazing: eye-opening, thoughtful, and engaging. We’ll have no hesitation inviting Kevin back to future events – we’re all more than keen to discover more of his insights about building and managing great teams.”

    – Rex Northen, Executive Director, Cleantech Open


    “As an agency, we pride ourselves in being able to solve our clients’ business challenges with the right communication tools. We seek to regularly sharpen our problem solving skills and break out of our usual routine to examine problems and solve them. We invited Dr. Kevin Gazzara to join our annual retreat for a problem solving session with our whole organization (25 employees). Dr. Gazzara kept the content moving swiftly, weaving interactive exercises built into the course instruction. Everyone was engaged – even the employees I thought might be more reserved dove right into the program and shared, expressed ideas and came up with some of the best solutions in our exercises. The most valuable aspect of the workshop was that because we tackled several real-life challenges that we face today (not just hypothetical scenarios) we had actionable solutions that we were able to implement beyond the training session. I highly recommend this workshop for teams that are seeking to expand their problem solving capabilities and work through actual challenges that need solutions.”

    – Rebecca Clyde, Vice-President & CXO, Ideas Collide


    “In planning for retreats in the for-profit or non-profit world, it is rare to find a facilitator that combines practical experience with an approachable style and the ability to capture the attention of a group. Dr. Kevin Gazzara captures these qualities and is an effective workshop leader that provided a useful and enjoyable day of learning and interaction for my law firm’s lawyers and paralegals. The interaction between the participants came easy with Kevin’s facilitation skills. He is low-key, but very effective in getting people to engage one another. In the past, other facilitators may have generated “rolling-eyes” or other evidence of resistance from lawyer participants. Kevin has an easy style that puts all the participants at ease. He brings the material to life and uses real examples from his experience in the corporate workplace. When we do further work, we will not hesitate to use Kevin as our facilitator.”

    – Steven N. Berger, Engelman Berger, PC Attoneys at Law


    “For several years we have been using the Task Quotient (TQ) Assessment, designed by Dr. Gazzara. A recent success story involved a discovery using TQ that identified a dissatisfied and misplaced in a service manager who thrived on Project and Routine Work and was demotivated by Trouble-Shooting work. Based on his TQ profile we were able to move him into a sales related position where today he is highly engaged and has excelled for the company. Other assessments allowed us to get the right people for the company, the TQ assessment helped us preserve our investment by properly placing and retaining them.”

    – Larry Klimek, President, JLK Associates


    “Kevin delivered the keynote presentation for the Health Finance Managers Association’s annual meeting in Anchorage, Alaska. His relaxed, knowledgeable discussion was a valuable addition to the conference agenda. Kevin incorporates an interactive and personalized component to his presentations that permit the audience to engage with each other and apply his information immediately. I recommend Kevin as a leadership speaker for any organization as his management experience and organizational knowledge transfers across all industries.”

    – Cassy Kincaid, R.N., MHA


    “Kevin was a facilitator during First Line Manager training for Intel. I can’t imagine a better person to guide us through the FLM process! Kevin watched us tackle different exercises and interjected himself when we needed some gentle pushing. I was only with Kevin for five days during the FLM training, but will never forget his encouragement and ‘role modeling’ behavior.”

    – G. Castleman


    “Magna Leadership Solutions is an amazing resource that helped to streamline several areas of my operations. They were instrumental in increasing our productivity through their TQ techniques. Their ability to map behaviors into an operational model that propels the organization forward is invaluable. Magna has stepped into more than one situation where the complexity of our environment needed help; they were not only able to analyze our model but made several recommendations that increased our productivity and employee retention! I have known Kevin and Magna for more than 10 years and I would highly recommend them. As a business partner, the Magna team operates with uncompromising integrity.”

    – Paul Clark, Director – Integrated Service Desk, Intel Corporation


    “Magna Leadership has a set of magnificent tools for larger businesses. We used the Caliber tools and did some of the music training. The Caliber assessment was very helpful for us to get peer feedback on how to improve performance. Kevin is an amazingly smart person with a great personality and has a product that is incredible. Magna Leadership Solutions is outstanding for organizations with a diverse employee base. The measurability is the real key. I can identify specific areas – not a list of 30 – so it’s realistic in what you can target on and see real, tangible improvements.”

    – Anita Grantham, Chief People Officer, Jokake Construction


    “Magna’s tools and ability to change our thinking shook us up in a good way. Magna is very results oriented, very easy to work with and responsive. Their ability to quantify the results – the measurement tool – was the thing that really made it work for us.”

    – T.S.


    “Magna Leadership has an excellent understanding of the industry and having been managers, their team understands the day to day challenges. If you’ve got OD issues and needs, Magna offers a very broad tool kit that can help a company in a lot of different ways. They delivered a well run program, and on what they said they would deliver on. Experience is what the Magna team brings to the game, which is a big differentiator. Leadership development is becoming more and more critical, the firms that can figure out new ways to develop those leaders are the ones that will have a strategic advantage. Magna brings different innovative thinking to the process. As an organization we have a much stronger bench strength to move people around.”

    – Mike Foster, Sr. Director, Global Staffing, Qualcomm


    Speaker Testimonials for Dr. Kevin Gazzara

    “Kevin is brillant and fun. He involves the groups with his real life examples, his non boring data and his witty activities. He makes complex situations easy to understand and he provides great solutions.”

    – Lauren White, Visio Consulting Group


    “Kevin is an engaging speaker who is able to tailor his material to what is most critical to his audience. He is especially good at relating to the highly technical engineering functions and pulling them into the usefulness of skills/tools that they wouldn’t normally approach. His active learning approach is excellent at helping his audience apply their learning real-time, and retain it once back in the ‘real world’.”

    – Sharon Johnston, Learning and Development Professional


    “Listening to Dr. Gazzara brings to light a man having as many facets as a diamond. The communicator in him shines in his ability to be an empathetic listener. The researcher in him becomes evident through his no-nonsense style of thinking. The leader in him presents himself through the passion to immerse into problems affecting people and organizations. His wisdom stands out through his extremely rare ability to convey very complex ideas through simple words.”

    – Murtuza Ali Lakhani


    “Kevin brings about a fresh new approach to leadership principles and has the ability to communicate those principles in a common sense manner, allowing individuals to relate to their own environment. His presentations are engaging and inspiring. He has the ability to incite new idea and presents information that stretches one’s thinking.”

    – Dr. Debra Aiken


    “Kevin is a motivational speaker. His teaching style should be documented and show to other professors around the world. When you are with Kevin, you are not only learning but you are having fun. I am near my last residency and Kevin is the most influential teacher and person throughout my college career and that says a lot because I am friends with a lot of teachers. When you hear Kevin speak, learn from Kevin, and see how Kevin operates his classroom you will know that your life has changed for the better. Kevin is highly educated, classy, fun to be around, and very informative. Kevin is truly a person no one will forget.”

    – Omar Thomas Davidson, Doctorate student


    “Kevin is dynamic in both content and delivery. His authenticity is evident, driven by his wealth of experience and research. Practical and transformational!”

    – David Waits, Waits Consulting Group, Inc.


    “Kevin’s passion for helping others and for sharing his deep knowledge on many leadership topics, is evident from his enthusiasm as a speaker. The connection he makes with his audience is equally evident from the level of engagement, discussion and activity he raises during each workshop and from the number of participants who stay after to talk with him personally. Kevin is continually introducing new discoveries and key learnings from the leadership field, all backed by his own or other academic research, while still ensuring that all participants leave with practical, real-world tools that can be implemented immediately. Although I’ve sat through many of Kevin’s workshops, I learn something new each time as he is able to flex the format of his workshops on the fly to address the specific needs of each new audience and often interjects additional relevant information beyond the original agenda.”

    – Sonia Ng, Learning & Organization Development Manager

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