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    “Solutions Now” Workshops

    Just Say NO to Traditional Training!

    Magna Leadership’s goal is to eliminate traditional leadership training classes forever, delivering ONLY “Solutions Now” Workshops. Each workshop uses an action learning (Analyze, Design, Apply, Measure) design. Human nature entices us to learn. However, the level of learning we chose to engage in depends on the current or future value placed on turning the information into knowledge and understanding. It is this transformation that allows us to broaden and add depth to our existing skills.

    “Solutions Now” Workshops are defined by 3 components:

    • Return On Investment – identified during the workshop that exceeds at least twice the total cost of conducting the workshop.
    • Problems and Challenges – correctly identified (root cause, not symptoms) during the workshop.
    • Plans – established; a) Resources identified, b) Cost estimated and c) Timelines established during the workshop.

    Today, organizations are striving to become more competitive and do more with less staff. Per GFK Research: “In a new survey of 1,300 full-time employees, 40% say their workload has increased in the past 12 months” (July, 2010). The level of skill know-how and efficiency defines the difference between thriving and surviving organizations.

    Each of us is expected to broaden and add depth to our existing skills. With all of the additional workload we have inherited, as headcount had been reduced, it is difficult to remember we should be growing our skills as the additional responsibilities and the amount of work continue to build. Traditional training, conducted in too many organizations, is often interpreted as “A day off to join your fellow co-workers to hear the management flavor of the month while the work piles up back in the office.”

    Why is this? The primary reason is that traditional training classes are designed to disseminate information, but they do not focus the classroom time to solve the real problems in the workplace.

    This lack of application is the reason we implore organizations to “just say NO” to traditional training and move to what we call “Solutions Now” Workshops.

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