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    Rebecca Clyde, Vice-President & CXO, Ideas Collide

    Published April 15, 2015

    As an agency, we pride ourselves in being able to solve our clients’ business challenges with the right communication tools. We seek to regularly sharpen our problem solving skills and break out of our usual routine to examine problems and solve them. We invited Dr. Kevin Gazzara to join our annual retreat for a problem solving session with our whole organization (25 employees). Dr. Gazzara kept the content moving swiftly, weaving interactive exercises built into the course instruction. Everyone was engaged – even the employees I thought might be more reserved dove right into the program and shared, expressed ideas and came up with some of the best solutions in our exercises. The most valuable aspect of the workshop was that because we tackled several real-life challenges that we face today (not just hypothetical scenarios) we had actionable solutions that we were able to implement beyond the training session. I highly recommend this workshop for teams that are seeking to expand their problem solving capabilities and work through actual challenges that need solutions.

    Rebecca Clyde, Vice-President & CXO, Ideas Collide

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