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    DISC Behavioral Assessment

    What is DISC?

    Talent is a combination of many factors, one of which is behavior. The DISC Behavioral Assessment delivers a report that not only defines unique behavior, but guides the employee and manager in leveraging behavior for success. With this capability, this versatile management tool can be used to hire the right person, get employees off to a fast start, revitalize current employees, improve communication and build sound relationships within teams.

    The highly validated DISC Behavior Profile Assessment, by Target Training International (TTI), immediately produces a personalized report with valuable information unique to the respondent’s behavior. This knowledge empowers both the manager and employee to take action towards effective communication and professional growth by providing insight into the following areas:

    • General Characteristics – The individual’s preferred work style based on natural behavior
    • Value to the Organization – The individual’s contributing behaviors
    • Checklist for Communicating – How others can effectively communicate with the individual
    • Don’ts on Communicating – What others should avoid when communicating with the individual
    • Communication Tips – How the individual can adapt his/her own communication to other styles
    • Ideal Environment – The individual’s preferred work atmosphere
    • Perceptions – How the individual views his/her self and how others view the individual
    • Descriptors – Words that portray the individual based on each of the four quadrants of behavior
    • Natural & Adapted Style – A four-quadrant comparison of the natural and adapted style
    • Adapted Style – Characteristics of the individual’s current adapted style
    • Keys to Motivating – The individual’s wants provide the means for motivation in the workplace
    • Keys to Managing – The individual’s needs provide the essential areas managers must address
    • Areas for Improvement – The individual’s possible limitations identify areas for development
    • Action Plan – The individual creates a customized plan based on the results of the report and discussion
    • Behavioral Hierarchy – The individual’s behavior style ranked within eight common areas in the workplace
    • Style Insights® Graphs – An easy visual of the individual’s natural and adapted styles
    • The Success Insights® Wheel – A visual illustration of the individual’s behavioral adaptation

    Why do this?

    The report delivered by the DISC Assessment can become an extremely valuable contribution to talent management. Its insights and versatility position DISC as an ideal tool for applications such as:

    • New Employee Orientation
    • Employee Development and Performance Plans
    • Retention Strategies for Key Employees
    • Coaching and Mentoring Top Talent
    • Leadership Development
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Team Development

    Who should do this?

    • Any manager/supervisor or leader that wants to continuously improve their leadership and team performance capabilities.

    How does it work and how is it done?

    Easily administered at any time, it takes only 10 minutes to complete the 24-question online assessment. An individual is given a secure site to take the assessment. The DISC Assessment is available in multiple languages, re-normed on 120,000 people, and is the second most statistically validated assessment next to SATs.

    A 21-page personalized report is delivered electronically or hard copy and can be debriefed virtually or on-site, in a team development event or individual coaching session.

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