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    Meetings with Purpose

    What is Meetings with Purpose?

    downloadMeetings with Purpose provides a formal structure to ensure that the time spent in meetings is 100% efficient and productive. It is a collective set of proven integrated tools that enable meeting facilitators to run more effective meetings, and participants to have clear expectations and outcomes to achieve organizational effectiveness.

    Program Topics

    • Evaluating the need for, and the cost of, a meeting
    • Identifying appropriate meeting structures
    • Developing workable agendas and action plans
    • Creating SMART meeting goals
    • Defining stakeholders and their roles
    • Optimizing communications
    • Building a collaborative environment
    • Holding people accountable
    • Approaches and etiquette for face-to-face, virtual and hybrid meetings
    • Leveraging technology
    • Working globally across cultures and time-zones
    • Running meetings effectively
    • Managing difficult behaviors
    • Meeting toolbox, worksheets and resources

    Why do this?

    Meetings with Purpose helps better utilize resources, engage employees, gather collective intelligence, prioritize projects, and provide a process to eliminate delays and redundancy.

    Who should do this?

    Anyone in the organization who is responsible for organizing and running meetings.

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