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    Problem Solving with Purpose

    What is Problem Solving with Purpose™?

    downloadAs with all of our “Solutions Now” Workshops, this Action Learning design provides participants the opportunity to learn and experience a simple, easy to understand 4-step problem solving method. The Magna approach is fun, interactive and results-oriented. In this 1-day session participants solve real–work problems that have a tangible Return on Investment (ROI). Problems can be small and simple or large and complex. The method is based on proven industry tools and processes grounded in a six-sigma/lean approach without the complexity required for most participant challenges encountered on a regular basis. Each of our workshops are self-contained or are easily customized to the customer’s needs.

    Program Topics

    • Calculate the cost of problems
    • Identify problem and symptom differences
    • Apply the 4-step problem-solving approach
    • Conduct a problem analysis
    • Write an excellent problem statement
    • Select the right tools for resolution
    • Use powerful solution tools for results
    • Complex problem reduction
    • Develop SMART Goals and Objectives
    • Optimize brainstorming
    • Create a Smart Application System
    • Define a measurement and follow-up process
    • Use Magna templates for speed and simplicity

    Why do this?

    Every organization has new and existing challenges that often go unaddressed. Our experience has shown that most organizations have a variety of inconsistent ways to solve problems. More than 60% of the time, these inconsistent methods of problem-solving lead to repairing symptoms of a problem and not the root cause. Our 4-step problem solving process ensures that participants have a common language and approach to understand how to define, evaluate and apply the tools to solve the right problem to eliminate its reoccurrence.

    Who should do this?

    Any organization that wants to equip their employees with tools and critical-thinking skills to help sustain and grow their people and businesses. This workshop is also ideal for small in-tact teams that are collectively working on single project/problem that would like a facilitated environment to solve the problem and define implementation processes to take back into the workplace.

    How does it work?

    We have created the ADAM model (Analyze, Design, Apply, Measure) which is the 4-step problem solving process this workshop is built upon. Using this non-linear, reinforcing system checks and balances are in place to ensure the problem selected and the path defined are delivering long-term sustainable results not just quick fixes.

    How is it done?

    Participants or teams define or arrive with their real work problems. An ROI is calculated and the initial definition of the problem defined during the Analyze step. Solutions are created to address the problem during the Analyze step. Plans of Action are established during the Apply step. Finally, Metrics to ensure solutions are delivering the results that address the problem defined in the Analyze step.

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