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    The Negotiation Focus™

    Reaching Win/Win Agreements?

    • Want to be a master at getting what you want?
    • Do you need to successfully resolve conflict?
    • How do you prepare for difficult conversations?

    downloadIn today’s complex and changing workplace, if we are not collaborating with other workgroups, teams, suppliers or customers, we are probably not positioned to be competitive.

    Collaborating with others requires strong negotiation skills for negotiating and renegotiating to ensure results are achieved. The Negotiation Focus™ provides a model to conduct negotiations that lead to better agreements. Agreements that help you accomplish your objectives while building lasting relationships. Negotiation may take the form of a casual conversation to extend a deadline to a more structured meeting to work out more complex issues and agreements. In either case, successful negotiators use specific behaviors, tools and a process to get what they want.

    Participants in The Negotiation Focus™…

    • Assess and receive feedback on yourself as a negotiator
    • Learn a negotiation model and planning process to prepare and conduct effective negotiations
    • Practice specific behaviors for negotiating effectively
    • Increase success in managing difficult situations
    • Understand tactical choices and approaches to reaching successful agreements
    • Apply the process and skills to real business situations

    Who should do this?

    • Managers, team leaders, project leaders, supervisors, customer service people, salespeople, IT professionals
    • Anyone who needs to get things done through others

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