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    Managing With Purpose

    What is Managing With Purpose?

    downloadManaging with Purpose is an integrated management program to obtain long-term behavior change. It is an engaging and intensive management development program providing managers and leaders with the breakthrough knowledge needed to achieve measurable and meaningful business success in today’s challenging global business climate.

    Through the integrated assessment and learning programs, we present the tools and resources to guarantee improved management and leadership performance, and organizational results.

    The program provides participants with a head start on managing and leading across functions, cultures, and situations, more confidently and successfully than ever before.

    Our highly reliable and valid assessments enable the participants to understand their personal strengths and areas for growth. Participants will utilize our award winning tools and engage in progressive exercises and simulations to acquire the operational, tactical and strategic skill set required to be a successful manager and leader in today’s global environment.

    Program topics will include:

    1. Capable Management: Properly plans projects, meets commitments, and communicates expectations.
    2. Reward Equity: Recognizes performance, manages fairly, and uses valued rewards.
    3. Credible Leadership: Is reliable and consistent, role models values, and is trusted.
    4. Communication Leadership: Communicates effectively, listens to all viewpoints, and gets people’s attention.
    5. Creative Leadership: Creates opportunities, takes informed risks, and enables followers’ success.
    6. Principled Leadership: Develops a strong culture, empowers people, and achieves high standards.
    7. Follower-Centered Leadership: Shares power, gets followers involved, and clears the way for success.
    8. Caring Leadership: Respects others, values differences, and genuinely cares for others.
    9. Confident Leadership: Is self-assured, builds followers’ confidence, and makes a difference.
    10. Visionary Leadership: Defines a future, deals with complexity, and focuses long term.

    This program follows the manager’s development back to the workplace with follow-up coaching and group meetings to act as a support group and ensure accountability on areas for improvement. Each participant will have access to online tools and resources that provide continued feedback, support and tracks development.

    Why do this?

    Keeping your top performers motivated, investing in those who can benefit from improvement, and building a strong organization, will define your level of success as a manager. Without a process to help navigate the complexities of being a successful manager, it can be a difficult and frustrating path for you, but even more frustrating for your employees.

    Who should do this?

    This comprehensive program provides participants at all management levels with the strategies, concepts, and tools needed to be successful.

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