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    MagnaCoach™ Connection

    What is MagnaCoach™ Connection?

    The MagnaCoach™ Connection is designed to provide one-on-one leadership and business coaching with designated MagnaLearners™ to accelerate behavioral change and advancement of critical management and leadership skills.

    The MagnaCoach Connection connects the MagnaLearner™ to an external certified coach who provides non-bias third party feedback to the MagnaLearner on a regularly scheduled basis.

    Why do this?

    The MagnaCoach Connection is designed to accelerate and ensure that the investment in management and leadership development training is being applied, integrated, and course corrections can be made without burdening the MagnaLearner’s direct manager or supervisor.

    Who should do this?

    The MagnaCoach Connection is ideal for:

    • Leaders, managers, and supervisors at all levels
    • Leaders, managers, and supervisors in all locations, domestic or international
    • Organizations or managers that are struggling to achieve or sustain operational excellence and predictable results
    • Employees who need additional coaching that is not available within the organization to ensure success

    How does it work?

    The MagnaCoach Connection uses a matching process to ensure compatibility and align expertise with the individual’s needs for success within the organization.

    How is it done?

    Participants complete a personal and professional inventory assessment. Once completed, MagnaCoaches are selected and recommended. Matching is not finalized until a mutual discovery process between the MagnaLearner and MagnaCoach is completed. The MagnaLearner and MagnaCoach determine the schedule and format for their one-on-one meetings.

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