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    Leading Change with Purpose™

    What is Leading Change with Purpose™?

    downloadIn the Leading Change with Purpose workshop, each participant will use an actual business scenario where change is required. A series of individual and small group action-learning activities are used to help the participant become proficient in working through changed and ambiguity by identifying opportunities for improvement to get results in the best interests of customers, stakeholders, and the organization. Proven tools and approaches ore provided and practiced for setting goals, establishing boundaries and adopting to changing circumstances.

    Prioritization of change and contingency plans ore developed to maximize output and minimize potential negative effects. At the close of the workshop, the participant will leave with a 100% completed plan that can be used in workplace to achieve defined objectives to meet measurable business results.

    Learning Objectives

    Upon the successful completion of the course the student will:

    • Work through the 4 Stages of Change – 1) Denial, 2) Resistance, and 3) Exploration to achieve 4) Commitment
    • Positively embrace ambiguity through reframing situations for understanding
    • Develop specific, measurable, accountable, realistic, and timely goals to sustain change
    • Construct what-if scenarios and contingency plans to maximize output and minimize potential negative effects
    • Create on environment and plan that identifies issues and apply tools to gain acceptance to sustain positive change
    • Develop a workplace action plan
    • Create a feedback measurement system to ensure the workplace action taken is delivering the needed results

    Course Topics

    • 4 Stages of Change
    • Cost of Not Implementing Change
    • Identifying Reality vs. Perception
    • Differentiating Objective and Subjective Elements
    • Alignment to Organizational Goals
    • Setting Boundaries and Expectations
    • Reframing Situations
    • Recognizing Stakeholder Perspectives
    • Developing “What-If” Scenarios and Alternatives
    • Embracing Ambiguity
    • Defining Success Criteria
    • Creating a feedback and Measurement System

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