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    Accountability Coaching

    What is Accountability Coaching?

    Accountability Coaching creates a collaborative environment for peers at any level of an organization to be become leadership coaching resources for each other. When this happens, your team will begin to drive accelerated personal, professional and management development plans. Accountability Coaching also builds a learning organization and reduces the tactical managerial overhead for managers and supervisors. Accountability Coaching is a flexibly structured process that allows peers to become a resource to each other to help them achieve their full potential through regularly scheduled discussions and activities.

    Why do this?

    Accountability Coaching helps employees to become an integral part of their peers’ success by helping them flawlessly execute their personal and professional development plans. This taps into the talents of your employees so that they act in leadership roles to help each other while reducing the overhead for managers and supervisors to drive the plan execution.

    Who should do this?

    Any manager, supervisor or leader who wants to continuously improve the skills and collaborative work of their employees.

    How does it work?

    Accountability Coaching can be done within a single department or across multiple organizations. As an example of this circular process in a small 3-person organization, peer 1 coaches peer 2, peer 2 coaches peer 3 and peer 3 coaches peer 1.

    How is it done?

    Once peers are trained in the process of coaching, feedback, and accountability, individual peers are randomly paired with another peer to work creating and driving their personal and professional development plan. Face-to-face or virtual regular meetings are established (typically once a week) where the coachee creates a personal and professional development plan. Roles, boundaries and goals are established and the coach maintains ownership to help the coachee succeed.

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