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    Six Sigma Management®

    What is Six Sigma Management® with Purpose?

    Achieving Operational Excellence, Predictable Results, and “Best In Class” Output

    downloadThe Six Sigma Management® program prepares the manager to lead a cross cultural organization so that it excels on all aspects of products and services important to the customer. Get Six Sigma Certification and grow you managerial acumen to be among the “best in class” in your field!

    The Six Sigma Management program gives you the specific knowledge to make customer focus your top priority; use information to the maximum benefit; position process and innovation as the key vehicles of success; replace reactive habits with a responsive and learning style of management, minimize waste, and expand opportunities for cooperation among employees whether they are collocated or dispersed.

    Why do this?

    The Six Sigma Management program represents the latest advances in the field of management. There are other Six Sigma certifications offered across the industry, but there is none that directly links management leadership with Six Sigma implementation in cross cultural teams. The Six Sigma Management program fills this void and enables alignment between Six Sigma and operational excellence in collocated as well as dispersed/virtual organizations. The Six Sigma Management is the arsenal you need to fight the organizational battles in the hypercompetitive global business world of the 21st century.

    Who should do this?

    The Six Sigma Management program is ideal for:

    • Leaders, managers, and supervisors at all levels
    • Leaders, managers, and supervisors in all locations, domestic or international
    • Leaders, managers, and supervisors who work with cross cultural teams
    • Organizations struggling to achieve or sustain operational excellence and predictable results
    • Extended management leadership development initiatives
    • Employees who need to be reminded of the quality implications

    How does it work and how is it done?

    The Six Sigma Management program is delivered as a classroom or online course. Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt certifications are available.

    Participants attend the Six Sigma Management program course online, which enables them to complete 100% of the education remotely, attend class when and where they want, and learn from industry-leading experts. The program can be delivered on-line individually or onsite in organizations that have at least eight attendees.

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