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    Robert and Mike are joined by Kevin Gazzara, author of The Leader of OZ. Gazzara will share his 101 secrets of marvelous leadership for the 21st Century. Be sure to follow the yellow brick road and listen live. Listen now →

    January Jones – Interview with Dr. Kevin Gazzara on Leadership
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    Culture Crash by Ed Frauenheim
    In executing a corporate overhaul did Intel lose what made it such a celebrated place to work?

    Intel: Optimas Award Winner for General Excellence by Ed Frauenheim
    The computer chip maker’s workforce strategies have helped it remain atop the competitive tech market and prepared it for a knowledge-based future. Intel has is a leader in areas ranging from ethics to leadership training to fostering a global perspective among its employees.

    Crossing Cultures by Ed Frauenheim

    As the world gets smaller, understanding country-specific differences becomes a business imperative. U.S.-based businesses operating on a global scale ramp up training to help employees better comprehend their international co-workers and customers.

    Inside Intel’s Mentoring Movement – By Fara Warner, Issue 57
    Forget everything that you’ve ever learned about mentoring, especially the idea of hitching your wagon to a rising star. Here’s how Intel is reinventing the old approach to mentoring to teach, inspire, and reconnect its employees.

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