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    Task Quotient™ Assessment with Purpose

    Understanding what we “WANT” to do

    Part 1

    downloadThe Task Quotient Assessment delivers a 14-page personalized report that identifies your 1) Ideal, 2) Actual, and 3) Optimal work environments based upon routine, trouble-shooting and project task mixtures. The TQ process provides a prescription the employee and manager to realign employees, with verified improved results in empowerment and engagement in the workplace. This workshop is delivered in 2 parts; Part 1 provides the Task Quotient concepts, understanding and applications. Part 2 provides a structured activity to plot and balance job tasks within a team using an innovative auction process. Every workshop provides a comprehensive look at how our jobs tasks are structured and balanced to meet our intrinsic motivators and make modifications for an improved work environment. The Task Quotient report identifies:

    Every Task Quotient workshop (Part 1) provides a comprehensive look at these 12 elements in the individual’s Task Quotient report:

    1. Understanding the 3 task types – routine, trouble-shooting and project
    2. Ideal task mixture – preferred work environment identified to maximize empowerment and engagement
    3. Actual task mixture – current work environment identified defining present level of empowerment and engagement
    4. Optimal task mixture – future work environment identified to maximize efficiency
    5. Change needed to move from the actual to an optimal task mixture for efficiency
    6. Change needed to move from the actual to an ideal task mixture for motivation
    7. Job satisfaction levels calculated for the actual (current) work environment
    8. Job satisfaction levels predicted for the optimal (future) work environment
    9. Identifying task type feedback
    10. Applying the Task Quotient back on the job
    11. A Task Quotient Wheel providing a visual representation of alignments and results
    12. Action Planning document for assessment and strategies for improvement

    Part 2

    The Task Quotient workshop (Part 2) is designed specifically for intact teams/departments and their direct manager. This portion of the workshop provides an interactive application of all of the Task Quotient concepts through a 9-step process:

    1. Mapping your weekly work tasks
    2. Gaining a holistic picture of the full organization’s task distribution
    3. Analyzing your current task balance
    4. Defining and plotting the elements for FLOW
    5. Identifying motivating and demotivating tasks
    6. Discovering under and over resourced gaps in the organization’s task distribution
    7. Conducting a task auction to redistribute demotivating (unaligned) tasks and taking on motivating (aligned) tasks
    8. Creating an action plan for change
    9. Obtaining buy-in and ownership from management and staff for next steps in the workplace

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