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DISC Assessment with Purpose

Understanding “what” we do though behaviors

downloadThe DISC Personality Assessment delivers a 22-page personalized report that not only defines unique behavior, but also guides the employee and manager in leveraging behavior for success. The level of depth for each 4 to 8 hour workshop is determined by the session length and team size. Every DISC training workshop provides a comprehensive look at these 17 elements in the individual’s DISC report:

  1. General Characteristics – Preferred work style based on natural behavior
  2. Value to the Organization – Contributing behaviors
  3. Checklist for Communicating – How others can effectively communicate
  4. Don’ts on Communicating – What others should avoid when communicating
  5. Communication Tips – Adopting communication to other styles
  6. Ideal Environment – Preferred work atmosphere
  7. Perceptions – Internal and external views of styles
  8. Descriptors – Communications to with all 4 behavioral styles
  9. Natural & Adapted Style – A four-quadrant comparison of preferred and actual work behaviors
  10. Adapted Style – Current actual work behaviors
  11. Keys to Motivating – Creating the ideal environment for maximized workplace motivation
  12. Keys to Managing – Essential areas managers to address to achieve best performance
  13. Areas for Improvement – Areas for development identified
  14. Action Plan – Template to create a customized roadmap to create change back in the workplace
  15. Behavioral Hierarchy – Eight prioritized behaviors identifying strengths and areas for improvement
  16. Style Insights® Graphs – A visual of the individual’s natural and adapted styles
  17. The Success Insights® Wheel – A visual illustration of the individual’s behavioral adaptation

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