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    Magna Leadershp delivers great leadership classes in Phoenix. Our Phoenix Leadership Program is recognized by top leaders.

    Magna Leadership Solutions develops leaders and provides them with tools and skills to measurably improve results and create sustainable businesses in all environments. Using assessments, training programs, coaching, facilitation, mentoring, and simulations, Magna creates leadership systems and measurable solutions for long-term sustainability.

    Magna delivers tools for the client to determine measurable results so that they can benchmark their environment and quantify their return on investment, and we guarantee results based on these measurements. We believe that our success is only achieved when our clients:

    • Are prepared to transition future generations of leaders.
    • Are well positioned, as a result of an improved cohesive and focused leadership team, to seize opportunities.
    • Will be confident in their ability to successfully manage and lead regardless of what changes may come in their industry, the economy or world events.

    Our Leadership Philosophy

    We believe that everyone in an organization from Day One should not only be given the opportunity to lead, but also be expected to lead. Organizations can realize their full potential only by tapping into the promise of each and every person. Leading people is not a trivial matter. Leadership is a skill and talent that can be cultivated given the right focus and resources. In our journey across 70 nations we have learned two critically important things about leadership:

    1. One size does not fit all. National culture plays a significant role in the level of organizational and business results that can be achieved.
    2. Most companies and organizations have the right people. However, people engage in their work at their maximum potential only when their leaders take interest in understanding and accommodating their behaviors, values, and learning styles.

    The Leader of OZ presents the 10 dimensions of marvelous leadership:
    1) Authenticity, 2) Communication, 3) Competence, 4) Confidence, 5) Creativity, 6) Cultural Leadership, 7) Empowerment, 8) Reinforcement, 9) Stewardship, and 10) Visionary Leadership.

    You can request an executive briefing or keynote speech to bring the marvelous leadership secrets of OZ to your organization. Information about our proven management and leadership programs, assessments and solutions are found at

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