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    Sonia Ng, Learning & Organization Development Manager

    Published April 15, 2015

    Speaker Testimonial: Kevin’s passion for helping others and for sharing his deep knowledge on many leadership topics, is evident from his enthusiasm as a speaker. The connection he makes with his audience is equally evident from the level of engagement, discussion and activity he raises during each workshop and from the number of participants who stay after to talk with him personally. Kevin is continually introducing new discoveries and key learnings from the leadership field, all backed by his own or other academic research, while still ensuring that all participants leave with practical, real-world tools that can be implemented immediately. Although I’ve sat through many of Kevin’s workshops, I learn something new each time as he is able to flex the format of his workshops on the fly to address the specific needs of each new audience and often interjects additional relevant information beyond the original agenda.

    Sonia Ng, Learning & Organization Development Manager

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