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    Developing Teams with Purpose

    What is Developing Teams with Purpose?

    downloadDeveloping Teams with Purpose is a team building program that provides participants with the tools and techniques to significantly improve team performance. Proven strategies, concepts, and hands-on activities are used as team development tools to create high-performing teams and achieve organizational results. Each participant receives their own personal behavioral/values/task assessment report along with solutions to address any identified roadblocks to their development.

    Program Topics

    • Behavioral Styles
    • Cost of Limited Team Leadership
    • Leadership to Build Strong Teams
    • The Tuckman Model
    • Management vs. Leadership
    • Balancing Task and Relationship
    • Leading and Managing Situationally
    • FLOW
    • Learning Organizations
    • Defining Success Criteria
    • Creating a Feedback and Measurement System

    Why do this?

    Did you know that 98% of the time, better and faster solutions are developed when groups work as teams than if the individuals solely worked on their own.

    Are your teams or staffs:

    • Too individualistic?
    • Too dysfunctional?
    • Too unaligned?
    • Too underutilized?
    • Too results-limited?
    • Too dissatisfied?
    • Too silo’d?
    • Too stressed?
    • Too much in flux?
    • Too communication lax?

    If you answered yes to 1 or more of these 10 questions, then Developing Teams with Purpose with Purpose™ will provide you with a suite of practices to effectively solve these problems. This is done using a system of interlinked tools and activities that provide a foundation for developing great teamwork and focused on retaining and engaging your employees at the highest possible level. Whether your team development challenges are isolated to a few individuals or organization-wide, quickly gaining the right tools can help improve your team cohesion, organizational performance and business results.

    Who should do this?

    • Leaders, managers, and supervisors at all levels
    • Leaders, managers, and supervisors in all locations, domestic or international
    • Organizations or managers that are struggling to achieve or sustain operational excellence and predictable results
    • Employees who need additional coaching that is not available within the organization to ensure success

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