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    Volition Is Important In The Workplace

    Published November 1, 2018

    Why Volition Is Important In The Workplace

    Motivation is the most familiar term in the workplace today. Volition, on the other hand, takes motivation to the next level of intensity by having a deep personal connection to the work. Volition is a new and complex term to those hearing it for the first time. However, it is a synonym of another term reiterated at most seminars and soft skills workshops. Volition could be considered a more intense shade of willpower. It is the motivating force that drives you towards engagement for accomplishing the tasks at a deeper level. As a result, as it is well known, if you have a strong will to do something, you can even move mountains.


    What Exactly Do We Mean By Volition?

    Volition is described as a cognitive process and is regarded as one of the primary psychological functions. It is a comprehensive term fueled by motivation that combines shades of other traits namely, 1) will-power, 2) self-confidence, and 3) self-control. It must not be mistaken for motivation. First, willpower refers to the determination to do something, usually something difficult. It is a purposive striving. Second, self-control is the ability to restrict one’s impulses and control one’s desires and emotions in highly-strung situations. Finally, self-confidence refers to trust in oneself including one’s powers, abilities, and sense of judgment. Volitional processes can be natural or applied consciously.

    All three traits are linked together. Self-control and self-confidence are the two qualities that fuel one’s willpower. One should have control over oneself to avoid giving in to the temptation to remain focused. In addition, if your confidence crashes to the floor, you could lose faith in yourself and thereby not strive to pursue the decided course of action.


    Volition – Giving and Getting a Boost with Motivation

    We harp on the need for motivation, whether it is a student trying to master a subject at school or an employee’s work at the office. Motivation is needed, but it falls flat in the absence of volition. A good example to explain volition is in our New Year’s Resolutions. We’ve all jotted down a list of resolutions before the start of the New Year. We were motivated to do so. Nevertheless, on average, we are hardly into week one of the New Year and we’ve done everything except keep up with those resolutions. It is truly difficult to keep up with these resolutions because it is against our nature or habits and it is easier to give up, crush the written list and toss it into the trash bin.


    Volition and Workplace Settings

    Volition is one trait that plays a crucial role in a workplace setting. It does not just involve suggesting plans and decisions but also adding the strength to fulfill them, thus contributing to the intent and business in the true sense at a deeper level. Every business has a group of motivated leaders and employees working behind it. However, the stress of competition, short-term temptations and obstacles cause the interest to wane soon. This explains why most managers are unable to fulfill their goals the way they planned.

    Conversely, a motivated person who also has a strong will, this will accomplishes work tasks irrespective of the trying circumstances and obstacles ahead of them. Not only this, willpower helps individuals exploit their full potential in a manner that advances the business.

    In a business or organizational setting, self-control would translate to adhering to disciplinary measures and not being swept away by emotions. Volition can also act as a performance determinant in a workplace setting enabling employers to choose the best in their teams. Often, you will come across staff members who are not just competent in a particular field, but they go on to become experts. It is their volition that sustains their willpower to drive them to the next level and something that we as managers need to pay attention to and reward regardless of final results.


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