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    Stop Playing the Blame Game, Take Ownership, and Get Results

    Published January 19, 2019

    Stop Playing the Blame Game, Take Ownership, and Get Results

    Being a business owner or department manager in any organization can be very challenging. You will experience failure challenges from time to time. But what do you consider doing when faced with failure? Blame your junior staff? The answer should always be no if you want better performance in your business.

    Effects of the Blame Culture

    According to business and organization performance analysts, a blame culture among organizations is one of the main drains of human potential. As a result, it prevents you from achieving the visions of your company. It is likely to deny our contribution to the problems we face in our organizations especially when we are leaders. To find an escape route from our mistakes, we end up blaming our colleagues. This blame game only brings division among staff members. It often creates levels of aggression among partners, diminishing the desire to learn and grow. As a result, the rate of mediocrity or failure in your organization rapidly begins to rise.

    From Blame to Accountability and Ownership

    One of the best ways to solve the challenges that face your organization is to take responsibility for your mistakes and being openly accountable for their consequences. If you want your organization to grow, you must learn how to role-model ownership, be accountable for their results and show your staff how to do the same. This will help the whole staff to achieve its full collective potential.

    To take ownership of the blame, you need personal responsibility. Otherwise, you will never be able to take full accountability for your mistakes. As part of the leadership philosophy of Magna Leadership Solutions, and the clients we partner with, we ask the managers and leaders to always begin with the premise of “I’m the problem, or I am contributing to the problem”. If you want the details on this approach please watch our short video:

    Avoiding the blame game, and becoming accountable

    Have you ever thought what would happen if your entire staff members are strong enough to step up and accept to be accountable for their mistakes? Well, this transformation will start with you as their leader. Work hard to establish a “we are all in the accountable zone” for your organization. It will help create strong work relationships, trust, and as a result, a strong foundation for achieving your company’s goals. Gillian Duce once said, “You do not blame your shadow for the shape of your body: just the same way: do not blame others for the shape of your experience.”

    To remind your staff members of your mission and your “I’m the problem” perspective, we’d suggest that you print Rob Liano’s sage advice. “Stop Blaming and Start Aiming” and hang it in your office and your staff’s offices. The ability to lead in a no blame culture is the basis of great leadership, and it starts with you. Be accountable and start today. You will be amazed at the respect and trust it can generate.


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